There’s nothing like coming home to crack open a cold one, but even with the ever-expanding beer market, some local breweries are having trouble distributing beyond their own area. It can be hard to find that fresh, direct from the tank beer taste without you taking a trip to a brewery itself, especially with most of the 5562 breweries in US being too far away from your home to visit, but now the problem has been solved with the creation of HOPii. This wonder-device has a high-quality fermentation system so it can brew perfect tasting craft beer in your kitchen and let you taste the freshest taste of craft beers that you love. HOPii is easy to use, sleek, and self-sanitizes to save you from having to take it apart for cleaning. You do not need to know how to brew a beer to make a great tasting beer with HOPii, you simply insert ingredient pods and press start. HOPii turns everyone into a brewmaster and it is going to be a game changer.

HOPii makes it a snap to brew your own beer as it provides the exact ingredients and then monitors the process, alerting you when that fresh from the brewery taste is at the perfect level. All you need to do is add the ingredient pods and press START and after about a week, three liters of the freshest, perfect tasting craft beer is ready to drink. HOPii brewed craft beer can be enjoyed immediately or refrigerated and kept fresh, ensuring you can save up for a party without worries.

HOPii’s goal is to bring you the highest quality and best-tasting craft beer from the most popular breweries. The taste of craft beer has never been this good at home because craft beer from HOPii is poured perfectly fresh direct from the tank. The inventors of HOPii realized firsthand just how much the freshness of a beer means to the taste. HOPii’s completely closed system allows the freshest taste of beer to last as it blocks oxygen, light and heat out of the system and is able to fully control the temperature of the beer to keep it fresh.

HOPii is now on Kickstarter and has had phenomenal success, surpassing its goal in first 15 minutes and surpassing 5- times its goal in the first hour. If you love beer and want to try your favorite beers at their freshest taste, we suggest that you hurry – for a limited time, you can get a HOPii starting at $299 on Kickstarter – the campaign runs until November 1st.