Our expensive electronic devices like Macbook and cellphones are useful for not just communication entertainment and assignment, but also a way to express your style and fashion. We love Macbook, but not the same boring grey skin surrounding the Apple icon.

Not everyone loves the original classical look. To make it stand out of a crowd, a custom theme/skin symbolises how your personality and unique character implies on each of your daily belongings. Market today offers varieties of cool skin for your Macbook and cellphone, from rubbery to hard shell, and from Naruto to Marvel heroes.

Even the selection is numerous, you will probably still find a few of the people who bought the exactly same theme as yours. And it’s awkward.

Real Stone MacBook Covers And Phone Cases


By Bambooti, a stone-made unique skin for your Macbook and phones. Each cover is distinctive, handcrafted and is made out of real stone with great feeling and visual to fit your style. No two covers will ever be the same.

You might be wondering if these skin are heavy, thick and fragile right?

Each skin is 1 mm in thickness and weight less than 80 grams (2.8 oz). It’s not only flexible to bend and curve, but also very durable even if you hammered them. You can watch the stress testing via the link below to their official Kickstarter page.

How does it made?

Under this campaign, Bambooti offering 7 stone types made by their collaborator from India. The process of making these skin are using curing resin to literally “peel-off” a thin layer from a huge metamorphic stone block. After a meticulous post-modification work to the stone skin, it remains its unique texture, pattern and colors. Therefore, each finished cover consists of 4 layers — stone, cotton, resin and adhesive, altogether in just 1 millimetre.

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These stone-made covers give a personal touch to your devices, so that you don’t have to worry about the awkward moment when seeing somebody else has the exact same skin as yours.

Little story about Bambooti

Two guys from Bambooti who previously launched a successful Kickstarter campaign selling their bamboo/wooden made phone and laptop covers. With the result of more than 200% of their original pledge, they’re now coming back with their second approach over their ideas of customise electronic covers. This time, with real stone.

Macbook and Phone

The stone skin is compatible to most of the latest Macbook model, including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. For phones, it’s also available for varieties of iPhone model, Samsung model, and Nexus model. There is a list of compatible phone and Macbook model on their campaign page, learn more via the link below.

Price and Discount

Each skin cover is now only available for $45 (phone) and $70 (Macbook). Grab fast, so that you can save up to 40% discount off the retail price. Check out their page to learn more.