Introducing the new Vasco smart packing cubes and bags, a packing system to organize your luggage for travel. Offering a variety of individual organizers to meet all of your travel needs, each packing bag has been thoughtfully created to keep your belongings organized to perfection. Picture the items that you typically pack into your suitcase: clothing, socks and shoes, cosmetics, shaving kit, chargers for electronics, and much much more. These packing cubes are created to keep everything organized so you can quickly locate everything once you reach your destination.

The Clothes bags are designed to reduce wrinkling and compress your clothes to create 60% more space in your suitcase. The Shoes bag keeps your shoes and socks in a special container that is made of an odor-reducing, waterproof material. The Cosmetics bag includes a hook so you can hang the bag and easily access the contents when you reach your final destination. The bag is made of waterproof material and has several compartments. The Electronics bag keeps your electronic charging components together to allow quick access. The Travel wallet, with special anti-theft technology, protects your credit cards and keeps your travel documents contained and protected.